Welcome to Gottfried’s Jazz Photo-Website

There are respectively will be Photographs taken at Jazz Concerts and in Jazzclubs over a period of more than 40 years.

The pictures on display have been taken with a professional single lens reflex system and moderately fast lenses.

They are mostly “available Light”, taken without flash, the older ones on extremely fast black+white material and subjected to special self-developed processes in the darkroom to get a maximum performance.

After “going digital” in October 2010, the more recent ones have been taken with a with a professional type single lens reflex equipped with a full size sensor to reduce image noise going along with high sensitivity.

For this reason, and also regarding the atmosphere, even most of the more recent pictures are mainly black+white.

 If you just want to look around the gallery, you are welcome to enter right away – in case you want to print or download pictures, please read the “Terms and Conditions” before you proceed.